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Top 3 Methods To Correct Yard Drainage in Michigan

Are you living in Michigan and facing yard drainage issues? The wet, humid environment of the Michigan in the spring, summer and fall makes for ideal place for lush landscapes. But unfortunately these prevailing conditions can also lead to a variety of drainage problems that homeowners frequently face. Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions available that can help you maintain a healthy lawn despite any water infiltration issues! In this blog post, we will give an overview of the top three methods for correcting yard drainage in your Michigan home or business property so you can enjoy a beautiful landscape all year round. So keep reading to learn more about how these strategies can benefit your property!

1. Install a French Drain

A French drain is an effective and economical way to keep excess water from pooling in your yard, as it captures runoff before it has the chance to saturate soil or damage plants. It consists of a trench filled with a gravel-and-pipe system that directs water away from problem areas so it can be properly disposed of elsewhere.

2. Dry Creek Beds

A dry creek bed involves excavating a small trench that usually more wide than it is deep. Poly is laid underneath and then it’s filled with river rock of varying sizes to mimic a naturally-formed creek. A dry creek bed’s main function is to divert water to an area better suited, or in some cases, there is no poly underneath the creek bed and water is absorbed in the soil below the creek.

3. Increase the Slope of Your Landscape with Re-Grading

To help water flow away from your home and into drainage systems, it’s important to create a slope in your landscape that will encourage runoff to move downhill. These projects involve removing the existing lawn areas and landscape beds, then hauling in soil and grading it with a proper slope to send water out to the lawn or designated water collection area. After the grading work is completed, it’s followed by installing new landscape features such as mulch, edging, planting trees and shrubs to help absorb the water and boost curb appeal.

These are just a few of the many solutions available for correcting yard drainage in Michigan. If you’re having trouble with water infiltrating your home’s foundation or pooling up in your yard, contact the top-rated team at Yepez Landscaping today to schedule a consultation.

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